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Praise and Worship Leader Handbook

Praise and Worship Leader Handbook - Start of a service

We all agree that music is one of the important activities of a typical church service. In fact we could say that music sets a tone of the entire service, the energy, participation and the base on which a minister will build on.  It is therefore important for a Worship Leader to prepare properly for the music service or what is recently termed the praise and worship session. Generally if this is not done properly, it causes disturbances and can turn out to be a disaster!

How does a Worship Leader adequately prepare for a Service?

  1. Compile a basic 4 piece band that comprises of predominantly rhythm section instruments. i.e. Drums, Bass guitar, acoustic guitar and Piano.  If you have melody instruments…even better!
  2. A Worship Leader can have at least 3 people that can form a 3 part harmony. The less the better!
  3. Always have a 2hr session going through the songs, keys, breaks, etc.
  4. Start Simple, often this is overlooked and worship leaders want to start by doing Fred Hammond songs…
  5. Learn the parts, don’t waste your team’s time — prepare beforehand on your own time and come ready to rehearse!
  6. Know the songs, know the arrangements and be ready to contribute at a higher level — warm up if you are a vocalist, tune up if you play an instrument, etc.

I will in the next feature go into detail on the actual activities that should be included in the rehearsal session!

Praise and Worship Leader Handbook - Skosana Family BackToTheFaith Recording
Skosana Family BackToTheFaith Recording