About Us

The Skosana family band is a group consisting of five South African siblings.

They who have together not only grew up together but also sang together ever since they could produce a not through their mouths. We have so far composed just over 80 songs and published a total of 45 of them. These some of the songs are currently being sung as common church songs.

What makes this group unique, is their ability to write authentic songs that appeal to a multicultural audience and a various age groups. The have individually been worship leaders for the past 7 years in numerous conventions, church meeting, worship events and performances.

Mqondisi holds a grade 8 music qualification with Noxolo and Ntokozo holding grade 3. This indicates that our passion for music extends just being able to put music together but also an urge to invest in music.

Past successes

We have recently successfully recorded a live CD/DVD in Kempton Park K-Space venue. This recording was attended by a 1090 strong crowd. The concept was inspired by the bible verse: Malachi 4:5-6 and was termed #BackToTheFaith.

Other successes include a successful tour of Zimbabwe which has seen us perform to a total of 25 000 people in Harare and 12 000 people in Bulawayo. This can be see immediately by the social media activities and actions.

In 2014 we funded, conceptualised and recorded our first project, this has been a small success for us.

We are looking forward to some great things in the new future…